What’s all this about role play??

What’s all this about role play??

There’s an escort date and there’s a kinky escort date; it just depends how far you want to go with an escort Manchester in discovering the side of role play before you enter the world of domination. Most gentlemen who call www.shushmanchester.com are looking to realise their fantasies rather than dabble in BDSM. They have long harboured thoughts of their school teacher remembered from their teens, or of the gorgeous young policewoman who gave a warning for speeding ……. You would rather have been listening to her reprimands elsewhere. Women in uniform often generate thoughts not always realizable at the time, so a great way to enjoy these fantasies is to call for an irresistible escort Manchester in full uniform.


Naturally it’s not just uniforms that get the blood coursing through your veins, the sweet thought of the girl next door, young, virginal, cute short skirt and school blouse open to reveal her full breasts, or the French Maid, just like the one in your hotel turning down your bed, your fantasy is your own kick start to erotic stimulation and maybe you have never asked an escort for such extra titillation, but believe those guys who have tried and love this extra spice to the dish.


Sexual attraction in the workplace is often frowned upon especially in these days of the politically correct code of conduct, so unless you are 100% sure that your advances will be welcomed by your sexy secretary, then best to turn to a good escort agency in Manchester and ask for your escort Manchester to arrive at your door complete in severe pencil skirt, high heels and stockings and with her notepad in hand to take down your wishes.


Role play adds a frisson to a casual encounter that ups the ante; raises the stakes on this opening gambit of your dream sensual encounter and very often leaves you wanting to try this again.  Until you try a new experience you are never sure just how it will feel. Perhaps you prefer to have your sexy escort from this excellent Manchester agency dressed in costume, or perhaps you would like to dress up too. You can bring your own role play costumes and share a date that is designed with your own special scenario in mind. When you are adventurous and open-minded it is always easier to find new ways to explore and expand upon an old game, a trip into the delights of fantasy may be the diversion that you have been looking for.

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